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V.I. Powerboat is now offering a Unique Career Opportunity to be self-employed under the V.I. Powerboat Umbrella, representing your brokerage through the V.I. Powerboat Franchise, creating your own clientele, your own stock and inventory! However at the end of the day we share one major goal and that is selling boats and making long term customers.

Job Description:

Self employed boat / yacht broker contracted out through V.I. Powerboat Company.

Selected Candidate must have loyalties with V.I Powerboat and will be required to sign a non-compete agreement and non-disclosure agreement respectively.   Candidate will be hired to represent business solely as a boat / yacht broker.

Job Title:

Premier Boat / Yacht Broker exclusively for Powerboat Sales both for new and used power boats.

Required Skills:

  • Computer skills is a must.  This includes but is not limited to: Excel, Microsoft Office, Outlook Express, Some social media listing.
  • Knowledge of powerboats and powerboat manufactures.
  • Written and verbal communication.
  • Photogenic ability for digital photo taking of boats.
  • Problem solving abilities in dealing with challenging personality skills.
  • Basic navigation skills.
  • Basic knowledge of sales ability – Prior sales experience is a plus but not required.
  • Self motivated.
  • Have & display enthusiasm in with job participation when dealing with clients, vendors, buyers and networking.
  • Be able to work flexible hours and travel for marine trade shows, boat shows and local marine invitational swap meets.

Additional Requirements for the right candidate:

  • Honesty and integrity…Sales are not based on scanty income tactics
  • Must have a passion for understanding powerboats.  How they work, their purposes, the role each individual boat serves and to insure the boats characteristic suit the needs of the clients description looking to purchase.
  • Must be able to comprehend the age of the vessel is not always judge by its cover such as a 1977 hull with a 2010 refit.
  • Must be able to understand the details of boats and being able to explain both to the vendor and buyer the “Pro’s” and the “Cons” between the boat builders, engine manufactures, etc.
  • Working alongside with Marine and mechanical surveyors, meeting the clients needs & expectations.

The Value In Joining Our Team:

Operating within beautiful areas such as Nanaimo / Victoria / Brentwood Bay – Sidney / Parksville – Qualicum Beach / Comox / Port Ablerni / Cowichan Lake … Vancouver Island Powerboat’s goal is to become the #1 powerboat dealer on Vancouver Island.

You will have job security as long as you are listing boats, selling boats and building our team as one unit.

Cowichan Valley has already been established as Van Isle Powerboat’s home port or main operation. We are looking to hire a team for each boating community on Vancouver Island.  We are also dedicated to helping the environment by reducing the carbon footprint by establishing V.I._Powerboat representatives in all boating communities, less travel on the road, more time meeting clients and closer distances to your home for family or leisure.

V.I. Powerboats Business Structure:

V.I Powerboats business structure starts at the home port in Cowichan Valley and spreads out through Vancouver Island and will always remain exclusive to Vancouver Island. We have one advantage over the remaining Eastern Canada…year round boating.

The founder of V.I. Powerboat is highly versed in the methods of structure after serving 22 years in the Royal Canadian Navy”, a tight ship is a happy ship.

We are going to work together as one,  a clean and clear flow of information is key both up the chain and down the chain.

Every boating community Team will have an “Area Manager” who will oversee the functionality of that team for that area of representation. The area manager will be responsible for his or her own sales and listings for their area and keep an ongoing report to the Founder.

Training Program:

Administrational duties will be instructed so you can operate in any one of our future Island Offices, this will enable us to cover for our boating community counter parts during their absences, on holidays, or for whatever reason Van Isle Powerboat may require a broker to fill in at another location on a temporary basis.

The right candidate will have knowledge of basic navigation, however further training will take place on types of boats, hulls, engine manufactures etc.  You will be required to answer questions on the spot as mush a possible and having the knowledge to back up your answers with a key component of how we grow and build together.

Terminology of boat details, parts, functionality, towing, pleasure, sport fishing, electronic device terminology. Interacting with your vendors and buyers they want to see you know what you’re talking about because they too are learning.

V.I. Powerboats inventory is always there for every broker to have access to, we’re a team together as one. Commissions we earn to make our living, as a business we prosper demonstrating our ability not only to list boats but to sell boats.

As a team we will learn, sell, and grow.Thank you for taking the time read our Career Page Brief and we hope you have what it takes to become a member of V.I. Powerboat Team.

Interested applicants can email resume with cover letter to: 


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